Online Entry Form

Entry fees

1-2 entries: $235 each

3+ entries: $205 each


Submit entries by March 3, 2021

Submit bottles by March 3, 2021

Send (1) 750ml bottle for each entry to:

Brandy Consumer Choice Awards

1862 E Belvidere Road, Suite 354

Grayslake, IL 60030

The Brandy Consumers Choice Awards (BrandyCCA) judges all brandies commercially available in the year submitted or coming soon. This competition is open to all producers, importers and distributors.

All entries must be submitted via the entry form with the corresponding fee paid. Invoice is available upon request.

One sample bottle of each entry should reach our delivery address by March 3, 2021. Please let us know if there
will be a delay. Samples need to have a clean appearance as they will likely be photographed and published.

Wrap them so they do not scuff in transit and do not place any stickers on the bottles or obstruct front labels.

All entrants agree to pay fees for sample bottle delivery, and if imported, prepay customs and duty fees.  No bottles
will be accepted from outside the United States without duty prepaid.

All samples supplied to BRANDYCCA become BRANDYCCA property.

Product Categories : please refer to this chart when filling out the form.

American Brandy

110 – American Grape Brandy

111 – American Fruit (non grape/apple) Brandy

112 – American Apple Brandy

113 – American Applejack

114 – American Immature Brandy, Grape

115 – American Immature Brandy, Fruit (Non Grape) 

French Brandy

120 – French Gape Brandy

121 – Fruit Eaux-de-vie

122 – Cognac

123 – Armagnac

124 – Calvados


130 – Grappa, Italy

131 – Grappa, American

Flavored Brandy

140 – Flavored Brandy

Brandy Liqueur

150 – Brandy Liqueur

World Brandy

160 – World Grape Brandy

161 – World Fruit Brandy

162 – World Immature Brandy, Grape

163 – World Immature Brandy, Fruit (Non Grape)