Awarding the Best BRANDIES

Brandy Consumer Choice Awards

A unique competition designed to recognize both excellence and preference by consumers that enjoy brandy and the bar & retail experts that sell it.

BRANDY Consumer Choice Awards

Identifying the Best Brandies for Consumers by Consumers

Brandy CCA offers a unique opportunity to have your spirits reviewed by a panel of consumers ranging from experienced aficionados to new enthusiasts, as well as on and off premise retailers that service the consumers.

Call for entries for the Brandy Consumer Choice Awards 2022 in Early Fall.


We award in four levels:  Consumer Choice, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Direct promotions to our retail partners.
Continued exposure throughout the year.
Plus more…

Our Concept

An awards competition years in the making and long overdue – it has been our experience across the country and around the world over the past 17+ years that all consumers want to know the preference of their peers. Founders David Sweet and Flavien Desoblin have over 40 years of combined international spirits experience, hosting and consulting in tasting events across North America, Europe and Australia – providing them massive consumer insights and experiences. Always delivering “what the consumers want’.

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